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चौपालियों की मन की बात : Do we know about smaller rivers !

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15941572548_9c4f753b56_hstudy on smaller rivers in UP

Garima Rai ( , Nisha Sharma and Sanjay Pandey, Lucknow University


One of the important objectives of communication is to create awareness among people. Whenever we talk about the rivers, we only talk about Ganga, Yamuna and some other big rivers in the country. The names of the smaller ones are seldom mentioned. The aim of the present study is to ascertain the level of awareness among the people about such smaller rivers in Uttar Pradesh. If the people are aware of them then only the issues concerning them could be highlighted. This in turn will contribute greatly to easing the cleaning of the rivers.

A survey was conducted during which around 100 people between the two age groups of 20-40 and 40-60 were asked questions pertaining to the small rivers of their district.

Media and river conservation 

(A study of media reporting in UP newspapers immersing idols in Ganges.)

Kanishka Singh(, Md. Zahid & Sanjay Pandey

Institute of Mass Communication in Science and Technology

Lucknow University

The issue of river conservation has gained added significance keeping in view the increasing pollution in Indian rivers. The courts have also come forward to lend a helping hand in cleansing of the rivers through their verdicts and judgements. At the same time there also had arisen certain religious and cultural issues in this regard. The study aims at highlighting the role of media in reporting about the river pollution due to immersion of idols in Ganges.

The research paper specifically focuses on the media reporting of the recent police action on saints and sadhus in Varanasi over immersion of Ganesha idols in the Ganges. The content of one Hindi and one English newspaper published from Lucknow was analysed and an attempt was made to ascertain if the reporting was fair and justified.

Rivers in neglect-

A study of a small river in UP to ascertain the need of conservation of smaller rivers.

 By Aparna Singh, Kavita Verma & Sanjay Pandey

Institute of Mass communication in Science and Technology, Lucknow University

With the rising Commercialization and Industrialization, the pollution level in the rivers is so high that even their existence and those who are dependent on their water including humans and aquatic animals are in danger. Across the whole country, many of the rivers look more like drains. The Government and media both are making many efforts and running campaigns to save the rivers but only the prominent ones.  The media never highlights the plight of the smaller rivers?  With this research paper we have tried to analyse the Importance of the smaller rivers. The research paper focuses on one of the smaller rivers `Reth’ in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh, it’s condition and it’s impact on the surroundings,  in order to  ascertain the need for dissemination of information about the conservation of these smaller rivers .


 Gomti Riverfront Project: A study of the project’s media reporting

Alakh Sharma & A.K.Sharma

Institute of Mass Communication in Science & Technology, Lucknow University

River Gomti flows through the heart of the city of Lucknow and quenches its thirst.

It has a rich history and over the years it has witnessed lots of changes. As they say the

condition of a river reflects upon the prosperity of the state, Gomti is getting

a facelift through the multi-crore riverfront development project which

the UP government has undertaken. The project is backed by knowhow from Japan and Malaysia.

It promises a clean and beautiful riverfront with a green landscape to

be developed along the river with playgrounds, gyms, markets and picnic spots of

international standards.

The paper is a study on the media reporting about the projectwork being conducted,

by prominent newspapers of Lucknow.

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