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RSS to pass resolution on situation and sufferings of Hindu Society in West Bengal

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Coimbatore, 19 March. RSS Sah Sarkaryavah Shri Bhagiah Ji addressed the Press after inauguration of the National Council Meet in Coimbatore.  Addressing the Press, he detailed on the increase of Sangh Shakas throughout the country.   In the last 10 years, the Sangh work is continuously increasing phase by phase.  Apart from expansion, consolidation of Sangh work is going on.  Last year in Prathmic Shiksha Varg 1 lakh youth participated throughout the country.  17500 trainees participated in the 20 day training camps held throughout the country.  4130 trainees participated in the second year regional camps across the country.  973 trainees participated in the third year training camp at Nagpur.  57233 Shakas, 14896 weekly milans and 8226 monthly mandalis are running throughout the country.  Seva Karyas run by swayamsevaks at 19121 seva bastis.
On passing of a resolution in the National Council Meet, he said that the situation in Bengal on Hindus are alarming.  Violence, loot, murder, muslim appeasement are high. Government Machinery and Police are being mute spectators on attacks against Hindus and Hindu festivals (recently at Junagadh and Kaliachak in West Bengal).  Welfare of the people and National Security are not of a healthy sign.  To awaken the society and appeal to the Government, a resolution on the situation and sufferings of Hindu society in West Bengal will be passed, he said.

RSS Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha at Coimbatore

Coimbatore, 18 March. Curtain raiser RSS Press Meet of Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha (National Executive Council) begun at Coimbatore.  RSS National leader for Media Relations Dr Manmohan Vaidya briefed the press.  Shri Nandakumar, Joint National leader fort Media Relations, Shri Adalarasan, RSS State Secretary (Dakshin Tamilnadu) Shri Adalarasan were present during the Press Meet.

The three day National Council meet will be attended by 1400 representatives from 11 zones of 42 provinces.  Provincial Heads of all states will participate. On all three days, there will be exchange of experiences and ideas throughout the year on the Sangh work.  Each province will present its report in different fields of Sangh work.  Swayamsevaks working in different organizations will share their experiences.  A resolution on national issues will be discussed, debated and passed accordingly.

Inauguration of the National Council Meet will commence tomorrow, presided over by the General Secretary Shri Suresh Bhayyaji Joshi under the auspicious presence of Shri Mohan Bhagwat.

Elaborating on other facets of work like enhancing social harmony, protecting and nurturing native cow breeds, development of villages, family values swayamsevaks are continuously working and good results are seen, he said.

In a question to Kerala violence, Shri Nandakumar stated that on March 1, 2017 a protest demo were conducted all over the country.  585 programmes all over the country (other than Kerala and the states were elections went on) gave a raising call against state sponsored violence unleashed on Sangh swayamsevaks.  Four lakh people from all walks of life participated (wherein 50000 were women) participated against undemocratic, inhuman behavior on Sangh swayamsevaks.  In Kerala alone, 750 protest demos were conducted; huge door to door campaign; in 5000 villages around 6,50,000 houses were contacted. A welcome change has occurred in Government’s attitude on democratic expression of anger and anguish, he stated.

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